GASTRONOMY The Oldest Osteria On Earth!

Posted by on 9. Februar 2014
al Brinsidi

The exterior of the „Al Brindisi“ ...

Al Brindisi

... and the century old Interior

If you ever come close to this beautiful Italian town, save an evening and ca. 30 Euro (=  US$ 40) for the Osteria „Al Brindisi“. I went there some 50 years ago and came back recently – into a restaurant which hadn’t changed a bit, and hadn’t probably for a couple of 100 years! Imagine – a place where they serve food and wine for almost 700 years! A place that never ever closed in all those centuries. Well, the original family does’t own it anymore, but the present landlord, Federico Pellegrini, works in it’s tradition, refusing to offer beer or an espresso afterward. No, you can choose between hundreds of wine bottles, and so did the sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, the painter Tizian, the film director Federico Fellini (all regular guests), and the astronomer Nikolaus Kopernikus even rented the flat above the „Al Brindisi“ (which still exists). Isn’t it amazing? And the food, not to speak of the wines, are excellent. Remember: Ferrara means „Al Brindisi“ …

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