FOOD Ever Heard Of The TRUESCHE?

Posted by on 29. Mai 2017

That's how a Trüsche looks …

I CONFESS, I DIDN’T KNOW IT! Nobobody I know had any idea that this sweet water delicacy existed so close – in the Swiss Lakes. And that there are still fishermen who go for the TRÜSCHE – and before they catch one, it’s sold already to gourmets!!! The facts: It’s the only lake- and river codfish (or Burbot) in Europe, it gets 70 cm or ca. 25 inches long, can only be caught in ice-cold winter months and in depths of up to 80 m or 240 feet, the Trüsche paradise seems to be the Brienzersee, but it’s fished in Lake Zurich as well. Now you think it is extraordinary expensive, but surprisingly it’s not: 100 grams are sold for 3 Swiss Franks (app. the same in US$ or Euro), I saw a complete fish for 24 SFr and a kilo (1000 grams) was offered to me for 50 SFr. Surprise, surprise: The Trüsche is almost boneless, can be fried and the flesh gnawed off its backbone like a chicken leg. And: The liver is the most expensive part, is almost always sold separately, fried with onions in very hot butter and served with green salad.

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