FOOD A Story Of Glory … (No. 49)

Posted by on 2. November 2012


Jiro Ono (l.) at work with his son

Jiro Ono, born not long after World War I, is a sushi chef who runs a restaurant inside a Tokyo subway station, called „Sukiyabashi Jiro“. One of the secret being the producer of the best Sushi in the world is his knowledge of rice—his rice dealer claims that he doesn’t bother to sell his best stuff to anyone else because they wouldn’t know what to do with it. The French-American star chef Eric Ripert describes Jiro’s rice as “tasting like a cloud.” But is that all? Aren’t there any more secrets? Jiro doesn’t have a secret, so he says, to why his sushi is more astonishing than anyone else’s. What he says, over and over, is that great sushi—and, by extension, greatness itself— is the result of hard work, of dedication, of a commitment to excellence that, in the end, trumps everything else in life. His search for perfection is eternal.  Even at 86, he hasn’t stopped working; he says he hates holidays because they are too long to spend away from the restaurant. If you ever got the chance to be in Tokyo, eat at „Sukiyabashi Jiro“ (the restaurant is hidden in a basement attached to the Ginza Metro Station). It’s unforgettable – as long as the Master is alive …

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