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Posted by on 17. Mai 2014

This is the „Herald“ of the Oscar winning German film „The Bridge“ from 1959

The professionals call them „Heralds“, for the ordinary people they are „Hand-outs“, distributed from roughly 1930 to 1970, to anvertise the arrival of new movies in cinemas all over the world. But even before the movie theaters died, these small examples of wonderful graphic art got extinct. Greed killed them – and television. They became collectors items, vanishing in albums, thrown away by the hundredthousands an the time, and therefore very rare nowadays. That’s why I mention them in my Blog. Because I discovered a source – the flee markets in Majorca / Mallorca! The ones in Consell, Santanyi and Palma. There they are, some even from the early 1930s, like big posters in small size, made by specialized artists in their peculiar language of design and color. I don’t collect them but I love them. For me they are part of the entertainment history. They belong into museums. But of course – without cinemas, these „Heralds“ have lost their right to practical existence. They are dinosaurs in paper.

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