FAITH A Conversation Piece … (No. 43)

Posted by on 6. November 2012
Costa Concordia

The „Costa Concordia“ and the island of Giglio ...

Costa Concordia

... and the island with her harbor

The island of course is Giglio. Unknown even to most Italians but world famous after the cruiseship „Costa Concordia“ ran ashore in front of the island’s harbor by the same name on the 13th January of 2012, capsized because of the negligence of her crew and rested for months half hidden in the sea. 32 people on board were killed, many injured – and today, as long as the wreck is still on its side, a pervert tourism has developed, making Giglio almost prosperous. And now I’m going to tell you a secret: There is a chapel on „Costa Concordia“ and it was blessed with a fine statue of the God Mother. A large one, hip-high and possibly a bit too colorful painted, but too precious to get damaged in the accident. She was safed and brought ashore and the shipping company dedicated her to the people of Giglio for their unbelievably brave and selfless behavior especially in the night of the sinking and also in the following days. That not more people died or got injured, is due to the inhabitants of this tiny island, and therefore the Madonna found a new place in front of the church of the town of Giglio. Survivors kneel down to thank her for their rescue, family members of victims pray for their souls and islanders may secretly whisper a word of gratefulness for the windfall of money the „Costa Concordia“ brought to their shore. Unfortunately I could find a picture of the Madonna, instead I have to show you the town of Giglio and the „Costa Concordia“ in October of 2012 …

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