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EXPLORERS Look Who’s Doing What Where …

Posted by on 26. August 2015


The 21 projects around the world in the summer of 2015 – what fun it would be to join them ...


… and the Explorers Club's crest

HUNDREDS OF ENERGETIC WOMEN AND MEN are working in the field – and under the sea. From the North Pole to the Australian deserts. For example: In this moment (late summer of 2015) these 21 researchers risk their life, their health and a lot of time and money, to explore Mother Earth a little bit more. Look who they are and what they try to achieve, and by the way: They are all somehow connected with my Explorers Club: 1 American Nicole L Crane: Bridging Sciene and Tradition for Sustainable Ocean Management (Micronesian Outer Islands). 2 Saudi Tane H. Sinclair-Taylor: The Socotra Archipelago Reef Fish Evolution (Yemen). 3 American John Pace VanDevender: Quark Nugget Expedition (Great Salt Lake/USA). 4 Australian G. Chris Fischer: Expedition Australia (Western Australia). 5 American Mark C. Evans: Crossing the Empty Quarter (Qatar). 6 Italian Gino R. Caspari: Altai Landscape Archeology ( Altai Mountains). 7 American Wade S. Hughes: Sperm Whales of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Azores). 8 American James W. Kennard: Historic Shipwrecks (Lake Ontario/USA). 9 American Thomas Dolan: Tornado Visualization and Doppler Radar Analysis (Central Plains/USA). 10 Canadian Jason B. E. M. Schoonover: The Lost Pictograph Expedition (Saskatchewan/Kanada). 11 Australian Lauren E. Farmer: Arctic Sea Ice Observation (North Pole). 12 Americans Denise L. Herzing / Anne L. Doubilet: Climate Change and Dolphin Movement (Bahamas). 13 Pole Peter A. Wytykowski: The Forgotten Tragedy (Malta). 14 American Vanessa A. R. O’Brien: K2 (Pakistan). 15 Swedish Lars E. Larsson: A Century of Change in Pamir (Russia). 16 American Richard A. Kohler: The „Britannia“ Wreck (Agean Sea). 17 American C. William Steele: The Huatla Caves (Mexico). 18 American Amberlea C. Jackson: Hunting for Biofluorescence Eel (Indonesia). 19 American Daniel J. Lieb: Robert J. Walker Mapping Expedition (USA). 20 American Kellie Gerardi: Mars Desert Research Station (USA). 21 American Gretchen Freund: Identification of Beluga Whales (Kanada). Interesting, isn’t it?

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