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EXPLORATION Antarctica – A Billionaire’s Hobby

Posted by on 2. Juni 2016


Antarctica, the huge and icy continent ...


… and billionaire Paulsen

ANVENTURING BILLIONAIRES ARE RARE, real ones. There are a few, mainly flying high and ballooning (like Richard Branson). Most of them finance expedition, insist on being called „participants“ and later pinning the success (if there is one) on their lapel. Not so Frederik D. A. Paulsen, one of the most amazing rich man (estimated at 2,75 billion Swiss Franken), Born in 1950 in Stockholm, studied chemistry and management in Germany and Sweden, publisher of adventure books – and owner of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant FERRING. This billionaire is a rare breed indeed, a real explorer, an adventurer and a tough guy (married twice, three children, Honorary Consul of Russia in Lausanne). He is on the brink of a deed nobody has dared to try before him – the circumnavigation of Antarctica!!! A real expedition, honors with an „Explorers Club Flag“ (Paulsen is a member since 2002), which will start in the South Polar spring, which means in autumn of 2016. At an enormous risk: The coastline measures 17,968 km (11,165 mi) and is mostly characterized by ice formations. And remember: From Hong Kong to San Francisco across the Pacific it’s ca. 11,000 km, but compared to the antarctic waters that’s smooth sailing. But as I said: Paulsen is extremely tough, a good helmsman, and he is able to finance the best equipment available. Frederik, I wish you all the luck in the world!

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