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Ever seen the rarest car plate?

Posted by on 30. Januar 2019

A car of a happy man …

… having one of those!

I SAW IT YESTERDAY, on the Spanish island of Mallorca! A huge black Porsche Convertible had it, parked in the harbor town of Portocolom: The license very very rare plate of the PRINCIPAT D’ANDORRA. A tiny but independent state between France and Spain, high up in the Pyrenees mountains. A country a bit larger than Barbados, with 78 000 inhabitants only. But one of the most sought after tax havens, a true paradise for the brutally rich, and no passport is harder to get than the Andorran one (more or less impossible, if you don’t bring at least 20 million in cash). The dwarf republic ist ruled jointly by France and the Spanish bishop of Urgel, a town in Catalonia, and is plastered with banks, hotels and shopping centers. And if you see somebody with the license plates I show you here, you know that you see the car of a member of the most exclusive club of the very few happy ones …

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