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Ever Heard Of Dimitri Berea?

Posted by on 8. November 2018

Palma de Mallorca for US$ 22 000 …

I FOUND THE OFFER ON EBAY – and couldn’t believe my eyes: US$ 22 000 for a not so good painting by an obscure artist, plus US$ 195 for the shipping! A Romanian called Dimitri Berea did it, named it „Palma de Mallorca“ and while he lived (from 1908 to 1975) could only dream of such an exorbitant price. A gallery in New York sells the painting, oil on canvas, but it’s not very large, and I’m aware that an artist from Romania is estimated higher in Romania, painting local scenery, one from Peru in Peru, with Peruvian subjects, one from Abidjan in the Senegal, concentrating on West Africa – but there is absolutely no reason, that a work of Berea got a tag of US$ 22 000, and that was just the starting price! Berea can be looked up at Wikipedia, this helps a bit, his works are even in some museums, but mainly in his homeland and especially in Bucharest. In the rest of the world Berea is not a household name, and looking at this painting of his, I know why. I wonder if it sold but doubt it …

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