DRINKS What The Hell Is A „Abu Hamed“?

Posted by on 23. Februar 2017

Abu Hamed

That's the book of Jack London ...

Abu Hamed

… and that's the discussion in an old text

YEAH, MANY PEOPLE KNOW what Abu Hamed is: a dusty town in the Sudan. But how to you mix a drink which is called „Abu Hamed“? What’s the recipe? And what has the town Abu Hamed to do with the drink „Abu Hamed“? Questions over questions, and scores of erudite people have tried to solve the mystery. They found it, like me, in Jack London’s „Southsea Tales“, the drink is served there three times – without any reference or information. Battles were fought in Abu Hamed, in Gordon’s and Kitchener’s times the town had a certain military importance (for the British). But why does an American author export this name of an African town to the islands of the Pacific? London might, as some expert hint, by chance come across a veteran of one of the Abu Hamed battles who became a barkeeper in Apia (Samoa) or Suva (Fiji) in his later days. And who wanted to immortalize his bloody memory by inventing a cocktail for himself and his Southsea customers. Isn’t there any British Methusalem of long forgotten battles, boring himself to death in some pensioners home near Greenwich, who could master his last energy by presenting a recipe for the „Abu Hamed“?

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