DRINKS The News To Use … (No. 27)

Posted by on 7. September 2013

First the Pale Port ...


... and the water ...


... then the pin-apple ...


... and the sugar,


... and finally the champagne

Well, unknown is not quite correct – the drink was forgotten for over a century. One of my ancestors wrote the recipe down but I don’t know where he got it from. Somewhere in Africa or Asia. It sounds like a colonial drink, and to mix this cocktail, affords a bit of luxury: it’s not a poor man’s drink! But I tried it the other day and was surprised how wonderful it tastes. Like nothing it can be compared to, it’s something new, re-discovered, never heard of. Here is the recipe, deciphered from my ancestor’s handwriting in his diary: „Pale port wine and water, equal quantities. Plenty of pine-apple chopped up in this. With sugar to taste. Let this mixture stand for a few hours (I suggest six), and just before serving add a little champagne to give a dash of brightness. Ice is not mentioned, but I suggest a handful of crushed ice. Served in a whisky glass.“ That’s it. Try it, you will like it. Alter the recipe to your own taste (I prefere more champagne for instance). Say „Prost“ to my ancestor with the first sip …

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