DRINKS Five o’clock With Nelson Mandela

Posted by on 19. Mai 2017

An advertisement for the tea ...


… and the four variations

THERE IS AN SURPRISING, ALMOST SECRET STORY about South Africas first black President: When Nelson Mandela was released from Robben Island after 28 years in prison and was shipped to Capetown, he went missing for over an hour. Where was he? Sipping tea with his shoes off in a quiet suburban home! In memory of this precious moment, the first in freedom again, there is „Mandela Tea“ now available. Grown organically in South Africa, sustainably sourced, in four variations like Honeybush, Buchu and Rooibos – and benefitting the „Mandela Day Library Project“. The tea can easily be ordered via internet and a package with 20 sachets costs about 49 ZARUS$ 3.66 or about the same in Euro. Oh,by the way: Each package is adorned with the portrait of the happy hero in one of his typical shirts …

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