DRINKS A New Champagne Recipe!

Posted by on 17. Juli 2015

I KNEW, THAT HE WAS AN AMUSING WRITER. But I didn’t know that he was a world class gourmet, this Briton Evelyn Waugh! Then I found how he transformed – with an ingenious trick – his Champagne glass into a kind of cocktail drink. I followed him and it was gorgeous! This is the Waugh way to to it:


Evelyn Waugh, der Genießer

Fill a glass with (good) Champagne                                                                                                                                                               Bath a lump of sugar in Angostura (Waugh prefers lumps of beet sugar)                                                                             Roll the lump in grounded Cayenne pepper

Put the lump into the glass and let it sink to the bottom


What happens now, says Waugh (and I can confirm it), is the following: The sugar and the Angostura intensify the character of the Champagne, but diminish the acid. And the bubbles transport the pepper to the surface, which means – suddenly there is an outburst of heat on your lips despite the ice-cold drink! It’s truly sensational and would Waugh still live (he died in 1961), I would congratulate him on Facebook.

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