DRINK The Nice Advice … (No. 33)

Posted by on 24. August 2012


A selection of Tequila bottles, all very good ...

Tequila is an honest drink because it’s crystal-clear. There is no room in the bottle for anything that doesn’t belong here. The worm? Well, it’s custom but fish it out and throw it away if you don’t like it! Ah, Tequila makes you so great! And even greater the more you drink. Do you know the four stages of Tequila happiness? 1. You think you are rich and you act like that. 2. You think you look great and either women or men rushinto your arms. 3. You think you are bulletproof and suddenly you are indeed invincible. 4. You think you are invisible which makes you very brave and successful. In the fifth stage they have to carry you home but only after some hours and they are the best in your life. Tequila is a Merlin’s lotion, the liquid the Mexicans invented for the gods when they drink from the Holy Grail

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