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They look like petrified monsters ...


… welcoming wanderers in silence

ANOTHER FINE TROVE IN SICILY! This time in the eastern part of this Italian island, in the Hinterland of Messina, ca. 80 kilometers away in western direction, on the northern flank of the vulcano Etna (so active, it offers a fabulous illuminated sight at night) near the ancient village of Montalbano Elicona. In the vicinity is a 900 meter high plateau, called Argimusco (by the way: with a fabulous view out over the Mediterranean to the Aeolic Islands), and strewn on it you will find dozens of strange stone formations, experts call Megaliths, Menhirs and Dolmens. They are rock columns in phantastic shapes, erect like fingers or fists, sticking out of the plane, some smallish, some huge. The people who live around them, as is to be expected, relate them to a mysterious prehistoric population, but archeologists didn’t dig up anything related to any human settlement. No bones, no shards, no tools, no fire places. That’s why the geologists insist that these formations are a pure product of Mother Nature, carved with the help of wind erosion. Well, I don’t mind. Being up there on the Argimusco plateau is like entering a forgotten kingdom from the story books, the territory of magicians who will come to life at any moment, or a scene with petrified dinosaurs (or what’s left of them) or of punished human beings, turned to stone for their sins. I love it and you will too. And the view into all directions around you, you will never forget …

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