DIET The Recipe Of A Great Clown

Posted by on 23. November 2016


A poster of the great clown ...


… und so geht's!

HE WAS THE GREATEST, the most famous and richest clown of the 20th century: GROCK (1880-1959). A Swiss artists, who – being an almost uncontrollable gourmet, and when not performing his not only hilarious but very arduous gymnastic acts – gained tremendous weight. „It could be 16 kilos in ten weeks, he complained, from 68 to 84 kilos.“ A European kilo being the equivalent of 1000 grams, or more than two American pounds. But it took Grock 14 days only to slim down to his original lightness. How? Read what he wrote in his autobiography: „I have to love when I read and hear, what people do to slim down. I know a way who is as simple as cheap. With the advantage that you don’t have to diet – rope skipping!“ His advice: Do it the first day until your breath gets short. Clock the time and do it the next day one minute longer. The next day another minute – and so on and on. Until the added weight is lost. Grock: „Everybody can jump rope, like bicycle rising. The weight loss it achieves, is radical. But after a couple of days you will even begin to enjoy it.“ 16 kilos in two weeks is a dream result – and why should Grock have lied? I’ll follow his advice now ...

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