CURIOSITY The Liberty With A Wristwatch?

Posted by on 26. September 2016


Manhattan and the statue ...


… and the arm for the watch

THE WORLD FORGOT THIS CRAZY IDEA, not even in New York more than a dozen people remember it: That the Statue of Liberty, out there in the harbor, would get an illuminated wristwatch! It was planned in 1926 when the worst politician the USA ever had (corrupt, criminal, lazy, chased out of office in 1932, disappeared to Europe), Jimmy Walker, was elected Mayor of New York. He assembled even a committee to finance and organize the watch – but it turned out to be too expensive, to difficult technically. Basically the idea was not too bad: A huge clock, visible out of Manhattan from sunset to sunrise, fastened to the torch arm of the monument, with a dial’s diameter of at least six feet, but who would wind it up? And repair it, just in case? I must say, I would have liked it, it would have brought a touch of the 20th century to the Statue of the 19th century. And by the way: 1926 was the year when wristwatches became popular, killing the pocket watches.

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