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PEOPLE Yes, There Are Men With 12 Fingers …

Posted by on 9. Juli 2016

12 Finger

An Andorrean with 12 fingers ...

12 Finger

… and he comes from this country

WITH MY OWN EYES I HAVE SEEN TWO OF THIS SPECIES! One in a restaurant in Girona (Catalunya) and one on a plane to Tirana (Albania). Both were waiters, but when I met them, I didn’t see anything unusual. They had indeed six fingers on each hand, but they look natural, not-at-all deformed. If somebody had told me, that men with 12 fingers are used in the gastronomy because they so easily carry large or many plates, I wouldn’t have accepted it, having perceived it for a cruel joke. But it’s true – for generations the male members of the 12-finger-tribes export themselves to the touristic hotspots and work two-ways: They either hide their anomaly, or they show it around to foster the tip. I can’t tell you anything about the special people in Albania, but I know that there is a valley in the tiny Principat d’Andorra, a independent nation in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. For centuries, I’m told, the valley is inhabited by a couple of families whose offsprings are again and again born with 12 fingers. Not all babies are blessed with this curiosity, obviously (and fortunately) only the males, and since inbreeding became rare and unnecessary in the 20th century, the „ideal waiters“ are dying out. More I can’t tell you, because the existence of the valley is a well-kept secret in Andorra (they are a bit ashamed of these countrymen), though everybody knows about it. But I want to tell you about it nevertheless …

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