CRIME The Greenlanders Must be Crazy!

Posted by on 22. April 2016


The huge island of Greenland ...


… and some Greenland beauties

GREENLAND IS BY FAR THE LARGEST ISLAND ON THE GLOBE, but has 56 000 inhabitants only! It belongs to the Skandinavian state of Denmark, is covered almost totally be permanent ice (despite its name, green is it only around the edges) and it’s the training ground for explores who ant to conquer the North or South Pole. When I visited the capital NUUK recently, I was shocked by what they told me first in a whisper, and I was even more shocked when I got to know it officially: That 23 % of all girls under the age of 15 have been raped – and are going to be raped! And where there are no girls available, the brutes rape young boys! Their quota, the government figures indicate, are equally high. This is not a smear, this is a fact, written down in the yearly government report, and recently published in the Western media. What’s going on there? The explanation was to be expected: alcohol! The Greenlanders, on their island of Arctic cold, icy winds, depressing shadows (sun rays is regarded as presents), lack of colors, boredom, illnesses, lifelong the same stupidifying home entertainment, terrible inbreeding (being 56 000 people only, everybody not just knows everybody and is related as well) and no future, have to be punished; but can they be blamed for this derailed evolutionary stage in their history? Not really …

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