CRIME Better Avoid El Salvador!

Posted by on 26. Mai 2016


Just a spot on the map ...


… in Central America

EL SALVADOR IS A TINY COUNTRY, HER SIZE EQUALS ISRAEL OR THE GERMAN STATE HESSIA, AND IT’S SMALLER THAN DJIBOUTI OR NEW JERSEY! But the capital, SAN SALVADOR, holds a unique world record: Nowhere are so many people murdered – and the murderers are in 95 % of the cases not brought to trial! The devastating ratio is: 103 killed for every 100 000 citizens (El Salvador has 7, 33 million inhabitants). In ill-famed Mexico the ratio is 100 000 : 13 only! In Germany it’s 100 000 : 0,001. No wonder that 1,5 million Salvadorians fled their country (which lies in Central America, along the Pacific Coast), are living mainly in the United States and neighboring Guatemala or Honduras. The reason for this horrendous murder rate? Social unrest, tribal tensions, galloping poverty and a helpless, totally corrupt government. What a shame! Because El Salvador is a beauty, with gorgous beaches, rain forests, rare animals, century old customs, a glorious history and a list of distinguished people. But now chaos rules …

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