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ACCESSOIRES Collectors Corner … (No. 8)

Posted by on 28. Februar 2011
Penis Collection

Fine examples from Thailand of the old art of penis carving ...

Is it permitted to wear a penis around the neck? Yes. if it’s old and artistic. Isn’t it too macho brutal? No, because some are carved, painted, lacquered and lettered and not a male organ anymore but a piece of art. You find them all over South East Asia and especially in Thailand. They were the idols of a virility cult and even mothers hung one of these penisses around their baby’s neck to wish him never failing satisfaction. This has nothing to do with sexshop toys, the cult penisses are small (6 cm maximum and that’s small even for Asian standards), often formed like dragons or snakes and are pierced at the bottom for a string. I collected them for years and never stopped being amazed what fantasy can do with a simple bodypart. The basic material is wood, but there are also ivory or bone examples.

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