ANIMALS Collectors Corner … (No. 23)

Posted by on 28. September 2011
Asiatischer Gabelbart

Golden Arowana with moustache

I didnt know the Golden Arowana or Scleropages formosus, the „Asiatische Gabelbart“ in German. I thought, Koi was the fish to collect, the swimming status symbol of the truely rich. No, the Arowana is. The first time I heard about this species was in the description of gangster villas in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. They have aquariums or ponds with this fish who has a funny little moustache or rather a split chin-beard. Because Arowana is more expensive than Koi, the pricelist starts at 20 000 $ or 18 ooo Euros. And: Arowanas can reach a length of 3 feet, which impresses visitors more than the much smaller Koi. Have at least a look at the face of a Arowana …

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