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ACCESSOIRES Collectors Corner … (No. 13)

Posted by on 8. April 2011
Coca-Cola Nun

The religious accessory ...

Coca-Cola Nun

... becomes an erotic belt buckle!

It’s probably the rarest non-military belt buckle. A heavy item, looking like an old fashioned cigarette case, made 1915 in brass and three layers. The top one has a hole in a relief of a nun’s traditional garb and a beautiful face stars out of the hole from layer no. 2. It looks innocent – a typical Bride of Jesus. But then you pull out layer no. 2 and you forget the innocence – a naked sinful girls appears, with long hair and marvellous breast with protruding nipples … „Drink Coce-Cola“, the buckle says and, yes, you need a refreshment after the miracle. I found the treasure last year on a street market in Wichita Falls (Texas), paid 25 dollars and ran. Now you can’t get the buckle for less than 250 dollars and the only other one I ever saw belongs to the Smithonian Institution in Washington.

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