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CITIES Discoveries in Skopje (Macedonia)

Posted by on 7. Juli 2016


Alxander the Great – 24 m or 72 feet ...


… heroes flank the way to the museum ...


… local celebrities on a bridge ...


… and where there is space, there is bronze!

TO GET A MESSAGE FROM MY WONDERFUL FRIEND, the incomparable Swiss-German Andreas Bender, the man who (re-)visits up the 60 countries per year, is always a feast. He goes to places, other people don’t even know they exist, and he is probably of of the five living creatures on earth, who walks unhesitatingly on when the world ends, and therefor there is not a corner on the globe, he hasn’t been, knows somebody there and can tell you all the secrets. Recently he came back from Macedonia’s capital Skopje (or the last 20 years a forgotten town in a forgotten country in Southeastern Europe) and gave me this report, together with his photos, and enjoy the pink candelabras, the Hellenic buildings and the theatrical fountains:

„A fabulous experience! The rigorous ‚Baroquisation“ of Skopje is speeding up at an enormous pace, if their is a free corner, in a couple of days/weeks/months there will be a bronze monument. In comparison even Pyongyang seems dull. Hundreds of poets, authors, musicians, politicians, soldiers and ‚bohemians“, most of them totally unknown to the outside world, are manifestations of Macedonia’s eager search for her identity. There is even a new triumphal arch, and of course Macedonia’s the most famous historical son, Alexander the Great, got the highest monument (24 m or 72 feet!). In the neighborhood you find Mother Teresa’s birthplace, a modern-day Bethlehem, but in the search for an appropriate name for the new airport, the holy woman was defeated by the ruthless man – it’s called „Alexander the Great International Airport“.

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