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CHRISTMAS Santa Claus Seems To Be On Diet

Posted by on 4. Dezember 2015


The Santa Claus of the old days ...


… and the slimmer Santa Claus

THE „MEN IN RED“ ARE TOO FAT – and think so themselves! In advertising and on Christmas Cards, so a study discovered, he lost an least 15 kilos in the last 10 years, which means since 2005. Compared with the Santa Clauses in the 30s, 40s and 50s the artist slimmed him down by 20 to 30 kilos (a kilo being 2,2 pounds). The change is visible and a side effect is, that Santa Claus looks younger now. He doesn’t need his enormous leather belt with the gigantic buckle anymore. His rainders will be happy, I guess. There was the annual Santa Claus Congress recently, this time in Copenhague (Denmark), and there the 1000 and so „Men in Red“ decided that they have to make a diet in reality too. The order was: „Never more than 10 to 15 cookies a day!“ Because they don’t want to differ too much from the advertising and all the other pictures. Well, I think the children prefer homely Santa Clauses and therefore they have to be rotund and overweight. Don’t you think so too? An athlete never makes a good Santa Claus …

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