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Christmas is over, but …

Posted by on 31. Dezember 2018

… I WANT TO SHOW YOU, WHAT I DISCOVERED IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE OLD YEAR: The largest, most precious Christmas collection outside a museum! A German has assembled these thousands of up to 250 years old Santa Clauses, market shops, miniature trees and toys. Just look at the almost man-sized, heavily populated tower with its ventilator, propelled by the heat of real candles! And the very old crib from Naples with a phantastic landscape of Jerusalem! Most are from Germany and Austria, and every Christmas he takes all those things from his climatized store and decorates them around his rooms – following for years detailed photographs of the desired positions. I reckon that at an auction in the USA his collection can fetch up to a million dollar – and I don’t even show his more than 300 antique Christmas tree decorations, some so expensive that they remain in their boxes every year: It’s too risky to use them. This collector lives in the vicinity of Munich and has never shown his treasures publicly, and small children are only allowed entry on the arms of their parents.

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