CHINA Uff, You Might Not Need A Visa!

Posted by on 8. Oktober 2015


That's the information card you at on arrival in Beijing

THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR TRAVELLERS who touch Beijing in transit. Which means: If you only stay 3 days in the Chinese capital and – very important – continue into a third country (not the one, you came from), you don’t need a visa! Or as the Chines call it: You have a „72-hour transit visa exemption.“ You go to a special counter, loudly advertised, show your tickets and passport and get a simple stamp, stating: IN TRANSIT. Then you are free to move around in Beijing („… the administrative precincts of …“, as they tell you), but you get into nasty trouble, if you spontaneously decide to fly to Shanghai. The no-visa costs you nothing. – But there is different trouble – on the homefront, since airlines won’t accept your booking to Beijing without a regular visa. Most employees are not aware, that there is a „72-hour transit visa exemption“, you need some convincing – and your ticket to Pjöngjang (as I had one), to Ulan Bator or Hanoi. Well to get a regular Chinese visa nowadays is easy, but this no-visa opportunity makes Beijing an irresistible and easily accessible touch-down, and that’s exactly what the Chinese are aiming at …

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