CEMETERIES In Praise of … (No. 44)

Posted by on 12. September 2012
Campo Santo Teutonico

That's the cemetery of the travelers in Rome

It is, some say, the oldest cemetery for travelers in the world, founded in the 8th century  A. C. for pilgrims to Rome. The Campo Santo Teutonico its very small and crowded by tombstones and more a park than a field of graves. I call it an oasis in the shadow of St. Peter, often visited by the Pope himself, a secret in this secretive dependance of God’s Will on Earth. It’s exiting to wander along the lines of stones, deciphering the names of the foreigners, often famous, mostly unknown. You find Sister Pasqualina there, the almighty German housekeeper of Pope Pius XII., the archeologist Ludwig Curtius, Carolyne, the noble lover of the composer Franz Liszt, and Charlotte Friederike, wife of the Danish king Christian VIII. Next time you are in Rome, don’t miss it. And bring a picknick with you …

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