DRINKS Five o’clock With Nelson Mandela

Honor the South African legend with four different cups of tea!THERE IS AN SURPRISING, ALMOST SECRET STORY about South Africas first black President: When Nelson Mandela was released from Robben Island after 28 years in prison and was shipped to Capetown, he went missing for over an hour. Where was he? Sipping tea with his … Continue reading »

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DRINKS What The Hell Is A „Abu Hamed“?

Well, it might be a stupid joke of Jack London, the famous author … YEAH, MANY PEOPLE KNOW what Abu Hamed is: a dusty town in the Sudan. But how to you mix a drink which is called „Abu Hamed“? What’s the recipe? And what has the town Abu Hamed to do with the drink … Continue reading »

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RESTAURANTS Stone Age Kitchen – yummy!

When in London, you could eat like nice old Neandertaler …                     WAS CAVEMAN SO STRONG BECAUSE HE ATE SO HEALTHY? Was „Oetzi“ such an athlete because he digested better food then we do? Are we eating too much, too diversified and too many comes-tibles, our … Continue reading »

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DRINKS A New Champagne Recipe!

Have a look at what I discovered in one of Evelyn Waugh’s books …I KNEW, THAT HE WAS AN AMUSING WRITER. But I didn’t know that he was a world class gourmet, this Briton Evelyn Waugh! Then I found how he transformed – with an ingenious trick – his Champagne glass into a kind of … Continue reading »

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GASTRONOMY The Oldest Osteria On Earth!

It’s in Ferrara, exists since 1435 – and was never closed!If you ever come close to this beautiful Italian town, save an evening and ca. 30 Euro (=  US$ 40) for the Osteria „Al Brindisi“. I went there some 50 years ago and came back recently – into a restaurant which hadn’t changed a bit, … Continue reading »

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DELICACIES Can Ice Cream Be A Lamp?

Yes, because there is one which glows in the dark …The name is unpretentious: „Cornetto“. But it’s not the usual one. This cornetto is produced by the „Culinary Art Company Bompas & Parr“ in Bristol (England). Well, it looks like ice cream, you lick it like ice cream, it tasts like ice cream, but switch … Continue reading »

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