CARS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 21)

Posted by on 28. September 2013
VW Bulli

A tipical surfer's „Bulli“, loved and still in use ...


... and Esprit's Hippie „Bulli“, used in advertisements

Around the globe they loved it and it became an object not only of transport but even more of philosophy, protest and statement: This bus for 12 people (or 20, or 200 …, people went crazy sometimes), called „Bully“ or „Bulli“. It was the cult car of the Hippie generation and it remained the status vehicle of the high wave surfers from California to the beaches of Sydney. This product of Volkswagen rolled through novels and movies, and it might well be, that the Roll in Rock’n’Roll is connected with the „Bulli“ (let’s stick to this version). Now the end has come, as „Bulli“ lover Jim Morrison of the „Doors“ once sang. On December 31, 2013, the last production facility, in Brazil, will close. The government in Brasilia killed the „Bulli“ because it demands airbags and ABS in each car, assembled in the country – and Volkswagen refuses to go along. No, not in the „Bulli“, they say! This decision will make the still running „Bullis“ very precious. The older the better, and the highest prices will be achieved for „Bullis“ in the original Hippie outfits. Like the one, Esprit used it its advertisements. Thanks „Bulli“, we will never forget you …!

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