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CARS A Conversation Piece … (No. 45)

Posted by on 17. März 2013

That's a real „Cuckoo“, alive in Pyöngyang (North Korea) ...

When I asked my guide (my controller really) in the Northern Korean capital of Pyöng- yang what this thing on four wheels is, I got the proud answer: „The cuckoo!“ What? „Our car, produced in North Korea!“ I’m a polite visitor, otherwise I would have answered: „Yes, and it looks like it.“ It’s a car nobody drives. I can’t remember to have seen a gasoline station with people filling up their tanks. Or more than one „Cuckoo“ in one week. It must have been a high army officer, driving the „Cuckoo“. Or a important party member. But on the other hand – important people in North Korea drive Mercedes! But don’t ask me any further questions, I don’t know the answers, because when I asked the same questions in Pyöngyang, I didn’t get any answers either. So I gratulated myself for having seen this funny yellow horsepower bird and you should be happy with the picture too …

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