CAFES When in Warsaw, snack in Wilenska 3!

Posted by on 3. Juli 2017


That's the Cafe ...


… and here you find it (upper righthand corner)

THIS QUARTER OF WARSAW IS NOTHING SPECIAL, the street, Wilenska, is without clear and welcoming identity. Just remember: Poland’s capital was razed in World War II. Therefore go straight to No. 3, there you’ll find the Cafe „Wilenska 3“. A strange place: Wall decorations from the 1970s, music from the 1980s, furniture late Art Deco (partly), style like a well-to-do Communist’s living room – and kitchen international! The „Wilensky 3“ is knighted with the label „Best coffee in town“, and they even offer the Polish breakfast speciality (tough to stomach, but I love it) „Chleb ze smalcem“ = Dark bread, coated with lard and covered with slices of gherkin. But you get your fried eggs (over easy), yoghurts and crisps as well.

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