BOTSWANA The USA Will Conquer Her …

Posted by on 23. November 2015


Botswana – lost paradise in Africa?


The wonderful Okavango Delta ...


… and romantic canoe tours!

IT WILL HAP- PEN, the experts are sure – no, they know. From 2017 on. Then the paradise will be closed. BOTSWANA will nor allow private safaris or travelling on your own. Everything will be centrally organized, by or through officially licensed lodges! In groups only. No „wild“ wildlife anymore. The Okavango Delta will become very expensive, touristic, boring. Well – that’s the plan, the government approved, so far secretly. In agreement with a group of very rich Americans who will buy, lease or run almost all lodges of any meaning. One of the billionaires, the ex Microsoft executive Paul Allen, has bought six posh lodges already. The deal looks fine for the government in Gaborone: No uncontrolled/uncontrollable roaming of foreigners in its territory, multimillions being washed into the state’s coffers, a working (and salary) guarantee for thousands of Botswanian employees, a much stronger protection of nature and wildlife in general (at least in theory), and a quasi dictatorial control of all activities. For the Hemingway style fans of Africa this is a disaster. It means the end of nostalgic romanticism, the 1:1 encounter with elephants, lions, rhino & likes, living in the bush, campfire atmosphere „out there“, sunsets in solitude. From 2017 on you have to enjoy a poor rip-off of all this, driving around in large vehicles, sitting behind a guide with a microphone, in groups of 50 or more loud Americans and Chinese, who – as we all know – loose a lot of sympathy when exported. All this is the reason why Botswana and especially the Okavango-Delta is  „sold out“ in 2016. Thousands are flocking in before this peaceful financial American imperialism becomes reality. Let’s face it: In 2017 a new era begins, it’s the year the old Africa we love died …

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