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Botswana Is Turning The Screw …

Posted by on 15. April 2018


Me and my friends: It will never happen again ...


... and how we loved those visits!

WELL, MAYBE THEY ARE WISE IN A WAY – protecting wildlife against tourism. The latest „security measures“ for the Okavango Delta, the Savuti, the Kalahari and so on are as follows: 1. You can build a camp with maximal 12 tents only! 2. A group which is lager than 18 people is not permitted! 3. And if you organize a group this large, you have to split it up and use two campsites! Fine, one thinks, the reasons behind those strict rules are understandable. But there is a big BUT (as I told you in a previous post already), and not a fair one: The government got a contract with an American billionairs group which buys all the luxury lodges (and constructs new ones), they dislike tourists who travel in tents independently, they want all travelers to book rooms in the lodges – which means a lot more money and a tighter control. So the old Safari romanticism dies, the campfire nostalgia, the „You & Me-Feeling“ between man and beast. After even I, a licensed game warden, couldn’t get an additional bed in a Safari group of 18, I say „Kwaheri“, „Good-bye“, „Au Revoir“ and „Auf Wiedersehen“ to the wonderful old world …

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