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THIS RIVER SAYS MORE ABOUT WORLD HISTORY THAN ANY OTHER STREAM – THE DANUBE! Say I and the British author Nick Thorpe probably too. It took him a whole year to cover the 2680 km or 1665 miles from the delta at the Romanian coast of the Black Sea through the 8 not always easy countries Ukraine, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria until he reached the river’s source in Germany. Fascinating, and again a British travelwriter was necessary to present this trip 1. entertaining, 2. informative, 3. fair and 4. detailed. From observations in the recent civil war regions and leper colonies to Nazi concentration camps, wildlife sanctuaries and fascinating cities, seen from the water which cuts them in two. Thorpe who was a BBC correspondent in the Danube region, surprises the reader endlessly – I give you an example with one of his many hilarious remarks: „All along the route, food outranks politics as a subject of conversation, and everyone’s got a recipe for fish soup.“

„The Danube“ is available from Amazon for app. US$ 15.

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