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Beautiful Books by the Kilo …?

Posted by on 7. März 2019

Look at the yellow sign, hanging from the ceiling …

IT LOOKS LIKE IT! My good friend Jürgen just sent me this picture from Delhi, capital of India. He did there what he likes best – browsing the many fabulous bookstores. And than, one morning, he saw this yellow, red and black announcement, hanging from the ceiling and advertising Coffee Table Books for 250 Rupees per K – K meaning Kilo or roughly two pounds. 250 Rupees are circa US$ 3,50 or 3 Euros. But Coffee Table Books are heavy, one can easily weigh 1 kilo. Therefore the offer sounds too good to be true, but is a refined literary trick: If you happen to pick a volume of 3 kilos, the dealer will charge US$ 10,50 or 9 Euros! But nevertheless, it’s an interesting development: Books sold from the scale …

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