BARS A Holy Place Has Risen from Ruins

Posted by on 9. Juni 2016

Die neue alte „Bierstube Alt-Berlin“ ...


… und die Akte Kneipe nach der Kündigung

NEVER MISS THIS WATERING HOLE WHEN IN BERLIN! Just hear it’s story: Opened in 1893 and never closed until 2014. Which means: This „Bierstube“ survived the German Empire, the devastating „Inflation“, the Depression, the Nazis and the East German socialist experiment. A splendid history of 121 years. If I would name the famous boozers, their names would fill a book. The playwrite Bertold Brecht was one, Alfred Döblin, David Bowie, Quentin Tarantino, scores of Secret Agents, politicians of all colors, whores and actors, poets and dissidents, billionaires and hobos – and they all loved the „Dusternis“. The darkness of the interior in Berlin slang. There was not much space inside, not many lamps, the wood panelling was almost black, and the nay flickering brightness came from a neon hanging, stating the birth date 1893. The name (at last): BIERSTUBE ALT-BERLIN. It was a legend, nobody dared to touch. Naturally, the Nazis and the communists had certain devices installed, because here the open word reigned, but it was a place of armistice. Secret messages were exchanged, people who never dared to meet, did it in front of the counter, swallowing the local but famous SCHULTHEISS beer. And then the boldest destroyers of history, legends and nostalgia appeared – the developers! One of them sold the property to a foreign Real Estate Giant, he ended the 121 years long history and a chic boutique moved in. But, and this but can only by written in massive letters: The ripped the interior out – panelling, lamps, the counter, the regular’s table, the signposts, the steins, the glasses, the fast of the decorations, stored it, and now, alleluia, the BIERSTUBE ALT-BERLIN opened again in 2016, looking different from outside, but almost identical inside. The address is new, Chausseestraße, it’s an annex of the legendary „Ballhaus“ and one can’t overlook the weird colors they used for the appearance: Ox blood red and neon greenish yellow.

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