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We Are Underestimating Elevator Doors …

… and I can understand Connaisseurs who collect them optically! I WAS REMINDED OF THE MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE by a page in „The New Yorker“ (shown here). The American artist Julia Rothman had 6 elevator doors, all in famous buildings of New York, beautifully painted and the readers were asked, to recognize them (some … Continue reading »

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Look What I saw In Zimbabwe!

…but on the other hand – wasn’t it a clever idea? I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES – and the flash of an idea poisened my brain: Is it anti-african to show it here? In a „white“ blog? Well, I came to the conclusion that you might see such an hilarious toilet advice even in Lower … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Lost & Found …

What’s barking in Madagascar? The smallest dog in the worldI had never seen a dog like that: It was barking from a rich lady’s handbag in Antananarivo, the capital of the island of Madagascar, and when I ask her what this was, she said: „Coton de Tulear“. It sounded like „Cochon“ and  „Fuck off!“ to … Continue reading »

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HOTELS The Nice Advice …

In Namibia’s „Canyon Lodge“ ask for hut # 11Where the country (almost) ends, there lies a paradise. Around 1900 it was the farmhouse of the German brothers, now it is the „Canyon Lodge“ not far from one of the wonders of the world, Namibia’s Fish River Canyon, Africa’s answer to the Grand Canyon. Nearby and … Continue reading »

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SIGHTS Moments You Never Forget …

You won‘t ever be closer to god but on this spot in Newfoundland!Just look and look and look – this is not a painting, it’s a photo! A platform at the end of a fjord, meandering for a hundred miles, the shores a palette of colours, light and shadows, the universe so near, reality so … Continue reading »

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Lake Chad is vanishing …

… and a secret desaster lurks around the corner! THIS LAKE WAS ONCE THE SOURCE OF LIFE FOR MILLIONS! With 22 600 sqkm it was bigger than Israel or Slovenija, four times bigger than Lake Albert and bordering the states Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. And now? Lake Chad has shrunk by ca. 95 %!!! … Continue reading »

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CHRISTMAS Are The Japanese Christians?

No, but clever businessmen – and great copyists … JUST LOOK AT THIS PHOTO, I just got from my friend Hans and his Japanese wife Yoko: Tokyo, exploding in christmas decorations. My god, the Shopping Mall close to the Ginza looking like the „Christkindlmarkt“ in Nuremberg! Everything is artificial, no tree had to die for … Continue reading »

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Need A Nice Hotel in Venice?

I got one! The „Bucintoro“ – personally tested by me … THERE ARE MANY POSITIVA WHICH CONVINCED ME. First: The location opposite San Giorgio, 10 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco and the Giardini, 5 minutes walk to the Arsenale – and it’s right on the shore of the big Canale, the Giudecca. Second: The „Bucintoro“ … Continue reading »

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TRAVELS A Nice Discovery In Alsace

It’s a one-room-accomodation only – but better than some posh suites … MY ADVENTUROUS FRIEND JÜRGEN* FOUND IT (well, he finds a lot all over the globe, from Slovakia to Sichuan, Galicia to Gilgit), and as always I don’t hesitate to use his informations, they are always to the point for the modern traveller (but … Continue reading »

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The Art Of Fumiko & Hiroshi

Bonsai and pottery on the highest level ,,, MY FRIEND HANS, whom an unexpected and unjustified stroke of fate (because he didn’t cause it by doing anything wrong) shackles to his bed forever, told me the following story from his second fatherland Japan (his wife Yoko is Japanese and he has written most valuable books … Continue reading »

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