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DRINKS What The Hell Is A „Abu Hamed“?

Well, it might be a stupid joke of Jack London, the famous author … YEAH, MANY PEOPLE KNOW what Abu Hamed is: a dusty town in the Sudan. But how to you mix a drink which is called „Abu Hamed“? What’s the recipe? And what has the town Abu Hamed to do with the drink … Continue reading »

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HOTELS Look At The Stupid Emperor …!

Wilhelm II, Germany’s last Kaiser, is celebrated in a *****Hotel   I KNOW, I KNOW, if you inherit a first class hotel and find such a wall deco- ration in the lobby-lounge, you hesitate to destroy it. This one, made of blue tiles (looking like Delft porcelain), might be there an the wall of the … Continue reading »

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ZOOS How Many Animals are Killed Each Year?

Thousands and far too many, but it’s probably unavoidable … WHO’S RIGHT, WHO’S WRONG? I don’t know, I can’t come to a conclusion. Sometimes I think they have to do it, sometimes I think they shouldn’t. To kill old, aggressive and redundant animals in captivity, seems to be necessary – and there is an public … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE The Most Deadly National Park!

Why so many people are killed by animals in an protected area … IN NORTHEASTERN INDIA, IN ASSAM! It’s called KAZIRANGA and naturally you can’t find any information about the deadly dangers lurking in this tiger, elephant and buffalo N. P. Informations would scare tourists away and the authorities depend on as many visitors as … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITIES Animals with Trump’s Hairstyle!

Don’t say zoologists are too serious to have humour … YES, THE USA GOT A NEW PRESI- DENT – Donald J. Trump! The millionaire with the fuzzy blond hairstyle.  And would you believe that he got contem- poraries in the animal world, named after him, because the zoologists discovered that the had the same weird … Continue reading »

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HIDE-AWAYS I’m Going To Tell You A Secret …

… and some people will hate me for doing it!   „ALBERGO DELL’ ANGELO“ is a historic mini-hotel in the southwestern Italian Town of Pieve di Teco. A forgotten settlement in the mountains above the Riviera, which lost 80 % of its inhabitants in the last 20 years, just 1000 are left. An old town, … Continue reading »

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MOUNTAINEERING K2, The Killer Mountain …

UNBELIEVABLE! For every 4 people who have summited the 8612 m – the second highest mountain on earth, the highest in Pakistan – another one dies! So far, 84 climbers of 27 nationalities have lost their lives. Why? The top three causes of death are 1 Falling (33 %), 2 Avalanches (18 %) and 3 … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITIES Wow, Look At Vanuatu …

So small, not many people – and 110 languages … FOR THE LING- UISTS, it’s the hotspot on earth! Because Vanuatu, this archi- pelago of 83 isles in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, formerly known as the New Hebrides, has the highest concentration of linguistic diversity on earth. It’s unbelievable: 110 languages of just … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS The Elephant Tragedy, Part 6

A succession of very sad post, written in tears … IT’S A DRAMA, HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES, I will follow it closely and tell you from time to time all of the actual stages of the doom of these wonderful animals. Fifth chapter: Let’s visit the Garamba National Park in the (so-called) Democratic Republic of … Continue reading »

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RESTAURANTS Eating Out – Since 803!

The St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg is 1200 years old … WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 803? There were no cathedrals, Charles the Great ruled Central Europe and the Byzantine Empire the Mediterranian, the Maya blossomed in Central America and the earth was still a disc (the people believed). In in this year – unbelievable … Continue reading »

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