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ART Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

Posted by on 9. September 2013


You can still recognize the violin ...


... but on this later sheet not so easy ...


... and this is Franz Ehrlich, working in East Germany

The artist was a poor person, both in fate and personality: Communist, member of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau, Nazi prisoner, victim in a Concentration Camp, close collaborator with its SS commandant, soldier in the infamous penal company 999, prisoner of war in Yugoslavia, star architect and designer of the socialist East Germany and for 30 years voluntary spy on his friends and colleagues for the notorious Stasi, the Secret Service of the GDR. What a life, this Frank Ehrlich chose to lead. But he had a hidden passion, nobody knew of: He painted and never showed what he did. Hundred of his works survived him and can now be seen: in the archives of the Bauhaus in Dessau near Weimar (Germany). They are stored in huge drawers, layer after layer, and if you ask – well in advance, I suggest months – you might be able to see these wonderful sheets, all originals, each existing only once. And there is a secret behind these beauties: Ehrlich created violins only! In the full variety of colors and in more shapes you did hold possible, sometimes not even recognizable as such! They are great art, just look at the examples I show you here, created by the last of the surviving greats of the Bauhaus.

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