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ART Lost & Found … (No. 67)

Posted by on 16. August 2012

That's Svinin's watercolor view of New York in 1811 ...


... and that's Pavel Svinin

Looking around in the bookstore in the Peter & Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg (Russia), I discovered the volume „Traveling across North America 1812-1813“. A wonderful book with 192 pages and 75 illustrations, mostly watercolors, painted by the Russian diplomat Pavel Svinin (1787-1839) who was accredited to the tzarist consulate in Philadelphia from 1811-13. He used the 2 1/2 years to travel extensively and paint, and now we can enjoy a view of the early United States through the eyes of an erudite foreigner. The book was simultaneously published in Russia and the USA (Harry N. Abrams) in 1992 and can be bought at Amazon for ca. 6 Euro or 8 $. But wait a moment: In my next blog I’ll show you what a German nobleman and Swiss painter achieved when they travelled North America around the same time, they might even have known Svinin …

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