ART Interesting People … (No. 61)

Posted by on 6. Juni 2013

That's Pericolis skyline of New York ...


... and that's Pericoli himself!

He is an Italian from Milan, worked for various world famous architects (like Richard Meier) and startet a solo carreer as painter, author, critic, teacher and international expert: Matteo Pericoli. You might have seen his best published work: In 2007 he completed „Skyline of the World“, a 397-foot-long panoramic mural for American Airlines‘ new International Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. What I like most, are his architectural sketches like the one I show you here. It takes him weeks to complete them, and discuss with me, if there are better ones. I doubt it. There is a market for Pericoli works, you can buy originals (very expensive) and posters, all kinds of knicknack and fine books. But if you have never heard of him and his drawings – touché, here they are …

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