ART If You Ever Come To Zimbabwe (No. 68)

Posted by on 15. April 2013
Zimbabwe Caves

The „Rainmakers“ in the Cave of Domboshawa, not far from Harare ...

Zimbabwe Caves

... a fat man with rattles on the Cliff of Ngomakurira ...

Zimbabwe Caves

.. and the only abstract painting I have ever seen! It's in Inanke in the Motopo Hills

As I told you before: Rock carvings and cave paintings are the origin of art and much more: the earliest examples of public human expression! I’m sure you have seen splendid examples from all over the world, but what the early artists did in the cliffs and caves of Zimbabwe is egregious – they refined paintings into caricature, into cubism, abstract art and comics! They did this between 10 000 and 1000 B. C. while almost all of the better known paintings and carvings are roughly 20 000 years older. Which means: The artists in Zimbabwe grew up with the knowledge what their ancestors in other parts of Africa achieved but went much, much further … – and finally into artistic regions which are far more advanced than illustrations of their daily struggle and victories. Just look at my examples and look sharp – in the caves and on the cliffs some of them are almost gone. That’s a shame but there is a lot gone in this beautiful country during the devastating dictatorship of Comrade Robert Mugabe

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