ART If You Ever Come to … China (No. 61)

Posted by on 8. Oktober 2012

The winter in the bottle ...


... and the summer!

The bottle is not big: 3 inches or 7,5 cm high, but amazingly heavy and hermetically closed by a stopper, made of a semiprecious stone. On one side you see a typical Chinese landscape in winter, on the other side in summer. I found the bottle near the Summer Palace in Beijing, in a Government Centre of Traditional Chinese Art. Unfortunately I didn’t see it being made, as it takes hours to produce it, and when silly me asked, how the inside is painted, they stared at me with open mouths – and I learned that the paintings are made of sand in different colours! Impossible! Two landscapes in such a small bottle? With tiny details you can hardly see with your naked eye? Yes, there are artists in China who can do it. For a few dollars (I think, I paid 12 $ or 9 Euro). They showed me traces of the colored sands in a cupboard with small drawers. I couldn’t believe its and even back in Germany, I lose myself in contemplating this piece of incredible art …

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