ART A Conversation Piece … (No. 51)

Posted by on 6. September 2013

Cecilia Giminez, the amateur painter ...


... and her Jesus in the 19th century, some time ago and after what she did!

The church in Borja (Spain) is wonderful and 400 years old. The oil painting of Jesus, originally from the 19th century, was also a good on in the adapted style of Guido Reni, I would say. But the church fell into oblivion and the painting rotted away. There was not much left of the suffering face of Christ and one day Cecilia Giminez, a 81 years old housewife, bought paint and a brush, climbed a ladder, hung the portrait off its hook, put it flat on its back in the church’s middle aisle und started to restore it. Well, not really, as you can see. She substituted the handsome head of the original with a monster’s grimace, Senora Giminez couldn’t even master the basic colors and the shape of the head … – but she liked it, hung it up again and regarded her work of clemency finished. Something amazing happened: The news of the geriatric restaurator spread worldwide. The ruined painting became an attraction, luring thousands of tourists to Borja. In the first month of the discovery of the Giminez-Jesus the church’s priest found more than 50 000 Euro (or ca. US$ 65 000) in the collection box. On some days there is a turmoil in the aisle where the new Jesus is exibited, the church can hardly hold all the visitors. Isn’t it hilarious? And just look at the painting – isn’t it aweful? In a couple of years, I suspect, Senora Ginimez will be regarded as saint …

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