ART A Fabulous Look At The Refugee Problem

Posted by on 15. Februar 2016
Ruths Boot

The Problem – beautifully translated into an object of art – a nutshell ...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Europe’s problem No 1. expressed in a unique work of art! Created by a Swiss star in certain connoisseur’s circles: Ruth Reiser from Zurich. A boat overloaded with anonymous black  refugees with empty white eyes. In the center a kind of goddess on a red catwalk – a benefactress, the criminal owner of the boat, the golden future? The boat looks stabile, but along the golden guardrail runs a disturbing message: „rien va plus“ – that’s not „rien ne va plus“ (No more is possible) but it sounds like „Nothing is more“! The people on board seem to be alive, but a closer inspection reveals that at least one refugee is dead or dying, his head resting immobile on the guardrail on the left. This precious object is quite big and to produce it, took weeks. I confess, I haven’t seen a better work of art, dealing with this problem. I think, Ruth Reiser succeeded in putting, so to speak, the whole disaster into a nutshell. And I hope it will not be bought by a collectors who hides it in his salon, but by a museum who displays it publicly – and soon! Oh, by the way: The material looks and feels like polyester, but is a new creation of hardening foam, invented by herself. The colors are applied with gold foils and acryl paint. You want it? Get in touch with the artist! You like it too? Tell her –

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