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Are There Still Inka left?

Posted by on 22. Oktober 2018

The Inka reign ...

The old Inka ...

... and their descendants

AFTER THE DEVASTATING VISIT OF THE SPANIARDS – and especially the Catholic Church, they disappeared. But in 1955 some descendants of the Inka were discovered by an ethnological expedition near Cuzco in the province of Paucartambo. Their villages are situated as high up as 4700 meters, that’s the main reason why they managed to hide for so long, and they live in traditional houses, not much different from the conditions of their ancestors, 600 years ago. They kept traces of their original religion and language, are crop farmers mainly and are estimated to be 2000 heads strong, dispersed to 14 villages. Their vocal memory of the glorious – and terrible – past is very vital and delivered from generation to generation. To grant them an easier live is discussed by the Peruvian government, bit the Q’ero resist any attempt to re-populate them in other parts of the country.

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