ANIMALS The Elephant Tragedy, Part 4

Posted by on 20. Oktober 2016


Southern Sudan, deadly for elephants ...


IT’S A DRAMA, HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES, I will follow it closely and tell you from time to time all of the actual stages of the doom of these wonderful animals. Fourth chapter: The rough figures – and the sad reality! More than 30 000 elephants are slaughtered annually in Africa, one every 15 minutes. The total population was, the world believed, about 500 000, the real figure is 352 271 – a tragedy! Take the new country Southern Sudan, ruined by a cruel civil war and an African Holocaust: In 2001, before independence, the elephant population was recorded at 125 000, in 2016 there were less than 5000! This spring, in the tiny airport of the


… and the Selous in Tanzania

capital Juba nearly 1 1/2 tons of illegal ivory were discovered. – In the Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania alone elephant numbers have dropped from 110 000 to 13 000! The reason? When John Hemingway produced the films „Battle For The Elephants“ (2013) and „Warlords of Ivory“ (2015), he made some disturbing observations: „Across China’s vast middle class some 66 % owned ivory and nearly 80 % intended to buy more.“ There are 1,3 billion Chinese, the middle class consists of roughly one billion, 80 % of those are 800 million – what chance have the peaceful creatures, roaming Africa’s savannas? None! As Hemingway told the following story: „We heard a wealthy Chinese ivory collector say: ‚Elephants are smiling when they die, since they know their tusks are going to the Buddha!“ I’m speechless. Find out what I have to say from now on in my Blog, giving you the inside informations on the war between a strong but helpless creature and the weak but ruthless human killers …

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