ANIMALS The Elephant Tragedy, Part 1

Posted by on 2. September 2016


What a beauty, killed without mercy ...

IT’S A DRAMA, HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES, I will follow it closely and tell you from time to time all about the actual stages of the doom of these wonderful animals. First: The horrible result of a profound research, published in the summer of 2016. It took 90 scientist two years and they discovered that there are only 352 271 elephants alive in 18 countries – considerably less than the worst pessimists estimated! Only half – or less – of what the world had hoped. The meaning: The poaching of the elephants continues on an even larger scale than before, made possible by the political turmoil in many countries (i. e. civil war, corruption, fugitives, famines, uncertain borders, mushrooming of settlements). The second finding of the scientists resulted in another devastating figure: Every year about 8 % of the elephant population disappears! Killed for the tusks. Even I, when I published my book in August of 2016 about the animals of Africa (in German, the title is „Liebeserklärung an die wilden Tiere Afrikas“), was by far too optimistic, not being aware of the census, done by the scientists.

Find out what I have to say from now on in my Blog, giving you the inside informations on the war between a strong but helpless creature and the ruthless killers …

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