ANIMALS The Eastern Puma Enigma …

Posted by on 24. August 2016


What a beautiful cat …!

FASCINATING, IF IT’S TRUE! That the Eastern Puma (Puma concolor cougar in Latin), well known and loved, feared and hunted in the eastern part of North America, is still alive, but officially declared extinct in 2015 – to protect it! No doubt, that the subspecies is rarer than the Florida Panther, that hardly anyone has seen, not to speak of photographed, an animal since the 1960s. Or did sightings happen? Were the news suppressed? Suspicion is lurking around many corners, and if you ask the experts, you won’t get an answer. To be declared extinct, so they hope, will discourage hunters and poachers, hinder sheep and cattle farmers to set traps and discourage amateurs who roam the (probable) habitats in search for a sighting. I hope the trick works, but if it does I’m still in doubt, if there are enough survivors to safe the species. Which, on the other hand, only a very experienced expert can distinguish from the other seven subspecies of the Puma, Cougar or Mountain Lion.

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