ANIMALS Save The Hippo From The Critics!

Posted by on 23. August 2015

He a mass murderer …?

Well, the Internet does! The nitwits who stock it with billions of rubbish. Like this one: „The animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippopotamus because it is very territorial and very physically powerful. Although they are mostly herbivorous they are also highly aggressive and they have been known to attack humans without provocation even to the point of destroying entire vehicles.“ Really? Where does this come from, since there is not a single published statistic to document this? What about elephants, crocodiles, lions, snakes and – insects? I only know that the hippos want to be left alone under all circumstances. And on what occasions do human beings meet hippos face to face? In a boat maybe. But all fisher- and ferrymen of Africa know very well, how to avoid hippos. The tour guides no less. And when hippos wander ashore to graze, there is rarely a man around. I’m sure that mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal. And I tell you, having just come back from an extensive safari in Zambia (mostly on foot) – the animal which in reality symbolizes peace its not the pidgeon, but the hippo!

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